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Mindy Gilkerson


Mindy Gilkerson began acting in January of 2017, cast in roles in the local theater scene. In 2018 she started pursuing acting in film. She has flourished her skills in her small indie market, helping both as cast and crew on local productions.


-Recently relocated to the Atlanta area

-Ongoing training at BGB studio

-'House in Time', a feature she lead, raised thousands of dollars for local charities, selling out two showings of the premiere as well and is slated for a theatrical release in the fall

-Directed her first short film​, 'Him' which is currently doing a festival run

"Mindy Gilkerson joined my class in March of 2021. It has been an immense pleasure to have her as a student. She commits fully to herself and classmates for the joy and love of the work, showing up every week prepared and ready to dig deep. She receives notes with an open ear, is easily directable, and always eager to stretch herself as an actor."

- Cate Cohen, BGB STUDIOS

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