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Although Cinematography and Camera department is our bread and butter, Ascended Entertainment provides a multitude of services, from Full film production services to filling individual roles for your crew

Learn about Film Production

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Screen Writer, Script Editor, Casting Director, Assistant Director

The most important stage, and where your film is born: Pre Production is where it all begins. Whether you need your script solidified or you want to start casting, Ascended Entertainment will make your pre-production experience a breeze

Film Set

Principal Photography

Producer, Director, Camera, Electrical, Gaffer 

As one of the most challenging stages in any project, we specialize in providing Hollywood quality Principal Photography services no matter the scale or budget. 

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Editor, Colorist, Sound Mixer, Scoring and Music, Foley

When all the heavy lifting of production is finished, we're tapping into the beginning of the the end and bringing it all together. With our teams years of post-production experience, ranging from editing to Sound Mixing, your film will have the mark of quality you've come to expect with modern cinema filmmaking.

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Asset Modeling, Rendering, Texture Artist, Unreal Engine, 

Taking production value to the next level with the use of 3D assets and design to create worlds never thought possible by the ancestors of creation. Our team is versed with multiple softwares to design, create, and render your wildest dreams. 


Ascended Entertainment has provided production services for multiple projects. Here is a list of a few along with the services and roles we provided.