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Why filmmakers are picking Georgia over California for their new hub

Filmmakers all over the country are looking for the newest and best place to relocate to push their careers forward and expand into new markets. Even areas like Hollywood have seen massive increases in departures for other areas for a multitude of reasons. So here are the top 5 reasons why Georgia might be the next home for film makers.


1. Tax incentives

Georgia offers some of the most generous tax incentives in the film industry, making it an attractive location for filmmakers. The state offers a base 20% tax credit for productions that spend at least $500,000 within the state, and an additional 10% tax credit for productions that include the Georgia promotional logo in their credits, and even more for productions that hire a certain threshold of local crew. This is a great opportunity for crew members to get on some larger productions.


2. Variety of locations

Georgia has a diverse range of locations that can be used to depict different parts of the world. From the mountains in the north to the beaches in the south, Georgia has it all. The state also has a variety of urban and rural areas, making it easy to find the perfect setting for your film.


3. Experienced crew

Georgia has a strong film industry, which means there is a large pool of experienced crew members available to work on productions. From camera operators to makeup artists, Georgia has a talented and professional crew that can help bring your film to life as well as provide opportunities for crew to find more work considering how much is filmed there.


4. Strong support from the state

The state of Georgia is actively supportive of the film industry, and provides a range of resources to help filmmakers. From funding to training programs, the state is committed to helping the film industry thrive in Georgia. In fact, Georgia now has more productions per year than Hollywood itself!


5. Cost of living:

Compared to other major film production locations, such as Los Angeles and New York, the cost of living in Georgia is relatively low. This can help to keep production costs down and make it more affordable to make a film in Georgia.


Overall, Georgia is a great location for filmmakers, with numerous benefits gracing the southern state. If you are a filmmaker that is looking to hop states, you may want Georgia to be a top contender

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