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Ready to be Cast?

Thank you for showing interest in working with Ascended Entertainment. Lets get you working!


Ascended Entertainment handles casting for multiple types of projects. Not only do we cast for Marketing Content for our clients, we also use our casting books to fill roles for Narrative projects such as Feature and Short length films, Web Series, Reel Footage and Traditional Commercial work.

Any Production that Ascended Produces, our casting books are our first picks for it all. This is much more efficient than simply putting out a casting call every-time we have a new project. If you fit within the role being casted, you will be contacted to audition. It's that simple


Because film productions take longer than our typical Marketing content, the most common types of work will be exactly that. Based on that, we require everyone on our books to have a screen test with the style of scripts we specialize in for our clients. Having a screen test on our books lets us immediately submit you to our clients, no extra audition needed. Just direct delivery to the client for approval. Once again, efficiency is the name of the game

Marketing Ad's are Social Media run video content that are usually done remotely from your own home, on a much more
lax schedule than other production types

All you have to do is fill out the form below, and you're on your way to getting cast!

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