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Book a Camera Package and get the Pro Package for no extra cost!  

-$200 Savings PER DAY-


One of the things we've always wished would change in this industry is the idea that in order to get a price, you need to talk to someone, usually a salesman, personally. Business-wise, it's a smart move. The company gets to connect with a potential client, which makes it easier to sell you on their service. Classic Sales technique. 

So, we are the change

Ascended Entertainment values your time. We want you to get a rough Idea of what to expect, right out of the gate, before having to talk to anyone. That's why we make our starting package prices transparent, along with what exactly you're getting for the cost.

If a package fits in your price range, fill out the form below and schedule a consultation call with the CEO and then we can dive into the nitty-gritty details.

Even better, if your project is a lower budget, we STILL want to hear about it. We are artists and this is our passion, not just our job. Passion makes us want to work and we are happy to work with your budget.


Though as a business, we focus mainly on camera work and cinematography, We have a handful of roles we can fill immediately with our experienced team, including:

Director | Line Producer | Cinematographer/Videographer | Cam-Op | Gaffer | Assistant camera 1 and 2 | Assistant Director 1 and 2 | Casting Assistant | Boom-op | Sound Mixer | Editing and Color

For any other roles, we have a network of top-tier creatives we can utilize to get you what you need as quickly as possible

Video Recording


Full Day Camera Operator/Cinematographer.

If you already know/have the equipment you are going to use and/or are having it provided to you, this is the best deal you can get. You'll have access to a top tier Camera Operator with extensive experience in all types of camera, lighting, steadicam, and electrical equipment, as well as unique creative approach to framing, lighting aesthetic, use and much more!


This package includes our entire line up of video and camera equipment. That means you'll get a 6k camera, power, wireless video monitoring for directors, steadicam, gimbal etc.

This is the best deal for a production that already has dedicated sound and lighting technicians who need an experienced Cinematographer with their own equipment. at cheaper rates than any Rental houses


The grand daddy of our packages. 
Everything you need to run a full on production. All camera and video equipment, lighting kits with modifiers, sound gear, the ENTIRE equipment list.


This is the best deal for producers with an idea, maybe with people they can use as hands on set , but don't have their own equipment or who don't want to pay rental house prices to cover an entire production.

Direct Response Mareting

This is a specialty package specifically for social media style UGC Ads. Ascended Entertainment will write, Produce, cast, film, and edit series of Social Media ads for you, including reshoots and revisions. Our team has extensive, record setting experience producing the most popular style of ad running today


This is can be a standalone service, or an add on to a previously existing package. We will offer editing for any video you need to look as professional as possible. Take your project to the next level with premium colorist services or tight editing that keeps your pacing tight and aesthetic on point. We edit Films, ads, social media videos, all of them.


This is can be a standalone service, or an add on to a previously existing package. We can fill you almost any crew position you will need filled. From Directors and Line Producers to Casting and Wardrobe. Our network of creatives will give you the tools you need to take your project to the next level. We truly are a full service production house.

*Any Package has the option to add individual services or equipment à-la-carte. This means Editing, Casting, Producing, etc. If there are any services you'd like added on, just let us know during the consultation or add it on at any point in the project time frame and we will make sure to give you the best price possible*

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